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No no no no no! This isn't right, You're not supposed to being here!

That button was SUPPOSED to take you to the home page! I have no idea how you got HERE!

I know this is probably asking a lot of you, seeing as only the simplest of minds would have stumbled their way here, but could you please push the home button? It's in the menu up top. Just press that please, and we can forget that any of this EVER happened!

Could you do that for me?

Thank you!

Now I'm assuming that you've pushed that button. Which means that I would be talking to myself! Which would be nice, for a change!

What an idiot that guy was, right? I can't believe they couldn't even follow some simple instructions.

OH! Your still here? Yeah, I knew that I was just...     lying about that last bit. Don't even worry about it!

Now go on, push the home button. There isn't anything else for you to find here! Just push the button and we can forget any of this ever happened.

Please go!

There is not ANYTHING ELSE here for you!!! Just GO AWAY!!!

I'm kind of sad to see them gone. I was quite enjoying having someone to talk to. Ahh well, alone again.

Wait, you came back!!

You know, I'm actually kind of glad to see you again!

But seriously. Just go back to the homepage.

Actually this time.

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